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Caroni Tortuga 2 Rum

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The Tortuga Edition No. 2 release continues the legacy of
the series by paying homage to the now defunct distillery
and partnering with The Sea Turtle Conservancy in the
fi ght to preserve sea turtles. Founded in 1959 to save sea
turtles from imminent extinction, the organization carries
out worldwide programs to conserve and recover sea
turtle populations through research, education, advocacy,
and protection of the natural habitats upon which they

The Caroni Tortuga Series supports this cause by raising
awareness of the Conservancy’s endeavors and enabling
consumers to directly contribute to Sea Turtle Conservation
through a bottle of Caroni Tortuga Series rum.

Distillery: CARONI RUM

Age: 23 YO

ABV: 59.9%

Cask: #35

Volume: 700ml




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