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Clynelish 1996 Cask #9 Mayuka Yamamoto

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Tasting Notes for Clynelish

Single Highland Malt #9 02/04/1996, 48.4 ABV


The nose conjures up the image of a couple of athletes having an impromptu lunch in a barn in the countryside with a lawn tractor that’s being worked on in the vicinity. A complex affair, for sure, with notes of grass and hay, hessian fabric, chalk and menthol (pain relief spray), pine resin, empty beer glasses, flat apple cider, sourdough, plum jam, tinned apricots, dirty motor oil rags and subtle medicinal notes in the background. Water cleans up the scene somewhat and brings out pomelo, quince and rhubarb. On the palate, this whisky is anything but shy. Stewed fruits lead but there are tiny pockets of flavor all over the place here: gooseberries, grapefruit albedo, tamarind paste, raw Thai eggplants, papaya, artichokes, … the list goes on and on. The finish starts on fruit preserves and Danish pastries but then lime and citrus zest starts building in intensity, hand-in-hand with some Bird’s eye chili, in an unexpected but most-welcome crescendo.


Stefan Van Eycken








When I am painting, I forget to go outside.

Sometimes, when I go outside, I feel an unexpected little breeze. Just like the bear in this picture.

It’s like I’m taking a small deep breath.

I hope that when you taste this whiskey, you will feel as if you took a small deep breath.


Mayuka Yamamoto



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