Uitvlught Guyana Rum 1990 31 YO #35


Uitvlught Guyana Rum 1990 31 YO #35
The first bottle of The Tsuki hyakushi series.
Selected and bottled by Precious Liquors for Global Whisky Gallery

Distillery: UITVLUGHT
Vintage: 1990
Bottled: 2022
ABV: 52,6%
Volume: 700ml
Cask #35
Only 205 bottles

Uitvlught Guyana Rum 1990 31 YO #35 is the first bottle of The Tsuki hyakushi series.

The Tsuki hyakushi (One hundred aspects of the moon) is highly collectable series combining craft rums and single malt whiskies. The series pays tribute to Japanese art, especially to Tsukioka Yoshitoshi – one of the great innovative and creative geniuses of the 19th century. Tsuki hyakushi is a collection of large, moon-themed nishiki-e (multicolored woodblock prints) by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-92). The 100 prints were published in batches by Akiyama Buemon between 1885 and 1892.

The series is the result of our cooperation with Mr. Stefan Van Eycken. Nonjatta – his blog and the foremost web resource on Japanese whisky has been visited over 3 million times and “The Ghost Series” aroused great interest among collectors.Below you can read his tasting notes of the first bottle of The Tsuki hyakushi series. 


The nose paints an intriguing still life featuring olives in brine, banana bread, over-steeped Earl Grey tea, gasoline-soaked rags, burnt coconut rice pudding and new gym shoes – all of this against a backdrop of tar, camphor and clay. There are also hints of eucalyptus, turmeric, assorted herbs and postage stamp gum.

An eclectic assortment of aromas, for sure, but the ensemble gives off an air of bewildered contentment.

On the palate, however, the gloves come off and a wild interplay of briny, slightly bitter (again: burnt caramel), syrupy sweet, artificially fruity and herbal notes ensues. This is not for the faint of heart. The aftertaste reveals a softer side with notes of creme brulee, baba napoletano and grilled brown sugar bananas, albeit it with gasoline and neoprene fumes wafting through the air. Welcome To The Funk! 


Stefan Van Eycken


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